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Uncharted Reality

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Uncharted Reality will be a 888 Generative Island Metaverse projects. Each NFT represents an Metaverse Island with different layout accessible in our Unity 3D technology Metaverse application. Here you will be able to roam around your own island. This project contains 2 NFT collections and one Currency Token collection to start with. There will be internal collections for access tokens, 3D assets and music. Uncharted reality sets out to be a expansive Hyper immersive Metaverse with Own 2 Earn possibilities.

What is Uncharted Reality Digital Collectible

Uncharted Reality is presented as a Metaverse-As-A-Service project. When you mint a Island Deed you will get a custom generated tropical island with a certain amount of Property plots. These can be used to earn from your island. You will be able to create certain types of properties to earn 

How many NFTs will be released

There will be 888 island deeds.

No island will be the same.
Some islands will be bigger and some smaller.
There will be traits like

  • VR PoI 
  • Jetski amounts 
  • Property plots 10/15 or 20

    You will experience ultra rare 1/1's like
    Area 51
    Jurrasic Island
    Hashima Online
    Blue Way of the Islands

What will it cost

Each Island NFT is 0.15E

Each property NFT is 0.10E

Each property type change is 0.05E

Whitelist / Allowlist

An allowlist is a list of collected wallet addresses which allow certain community members a guaranteed spot for minting digital collectibles / NFTs. The selection of addresses is usually based on a combination of specific requirements. Our collection will also have an allowlist.

You will be able to get an allowlist spot if you join our Discord and fulfill the requirements.

Partner islands

Uncharted Reality will build a couple of Partner islands.
These islands will be getting some extra customization like - Partner houses instead of Properties.
Each Partner island will have a scene, a carefully crafted meeting room and extra clothing items branding the experience.

What is DNA / Biolab

The Biolab can be found inside TiM Online.
In the Biolab you will be able to mint your own Polygon DNA Vial
The Vial will hold all important information about your character like Stats and looks.
Some DNA Vials will also be able to hold unique characters that are crafted after a real image of you to make the immersive experience as real as possible.
The DNA Craft will come with a extra fee of 0.05ETH for Basic and 0.10 for Basic + Tee design and Tattoos

Personal Development

Personal Development

Uncharted Reality - Tropic Vibe is all about Personal Development while having fun. We will have many Personal Development online courses accessible trough TiM aswell.


The Island life is about Mindfulness and personal awareness. TiM and Uncharted Reality will be working with Mindfulness experts to create a well balanced virtual environment aswell as Minfulness spots where you will be able to enjoy Soundscapes aswell as Visual VR stimulations. The Minful Spots will be placed across the islands.


The inviting Virtual environment will be home for both instructorled Motioncap Yoga sessions aswell as a Virtual Yoga instructor that can be summoned where you like. You will also be able to access Yogaspots trough VR.


Custom events will be able to be held at the island gathering spots. All from project meetings to music events.

VR Gamemodes

The Jetski fun will take your Island fun to another level.
Connect to a Jetski session on a island and be placed on a Jetski in the cool Tropical environment.
Race with friends or just take some speedy rides around the surroundings.

Jetski fun
Jetski fun VR Sitting

The Padelboard experience will take you on a Immersive VR Balance training in a Mindful environment. 
Paddle slowly around your island environment or have a crazy SUP Race with your friends. Make it even more challenging by adding a Balanceboard to stand on.

SUP / Padelboard
SUP / Padelboard VR Standing

Have a fun a challenging Yoga pass in the sunset of your own Tropical island.
Enter a VR PoI and bring out your own virtual Yoga assistant that will show you a selection of 49 different fun and challenging poses.
We will hire Yoga experts to help us create a fantastic Virtual Yoga instructor that gives you real Virtual value!

Yoga training
Yoga training VR Virtual Assistant
You can find us on

These mintcalendars

We are cooperating with a couple good Mintcalendars to keep you updated on what is happening - And - When it is happening.

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